Credit Union Support Services

Gila Group provides a custom group of support services that can be activated or removed from your accounts on an as needed basis. We recognize that any business will eventually experience employee turnover, absence, or other time away from the job, and we want to ensure that you can rely on us to provide you with these services with little or no downtime.

Services Available

  • 1st Party Collections:  First party collection services provide a seamless transition for members’ accounts. Our management team works with you to create client specific procedures for collection calls, letter schedules, skip-tracing, field chases, and further account escalations. We follow a policy of firm, consistent, and courteous communication with all members, remembering at all times the need to preserve the image and reputation of the credit union.
  • Agentless Dialer Campaigns:  Accounts can be exported to our Interactive Intelligence dialer with the push of a button. The agentless dialer campaigns are where a prerecorded message (either recorded by you or by Gila Group) will be played to any phone number where contact with a live person or with an answering machine is made. The dialer will be able to provide you with a report of the statistics of the campaign such as: number of calls made, contact rates, messages left, and bad or disconnected phone numbers.
  • Bankruptcy Monitoring:  We can monitor your entire portfolio for new bankruptcy filings. The service also automatically provides any new updates to previously filed cases.
  • Bankruptcy:  Our Special Services Group will manage your entire bankruptcy portfolio. Services include: filing proofs of claims, monitoring for payments, recommending lifts of stay, and recommending charge-offs.
  • Charge-off Collections:  Professionalism, sensitivity, innovation, and creativity are combined to provide the highest return for the credit union. Our in-house skip-tracing department plays a vital part in locating members with charged-off debts. Upon request, Gila Group has the ability to submit these accounts to credit bureaus for reporting.
  • Consulting:  A collection consultant works on-site at the credit union to analyze your collection portfolio, metrics, policies and procedures, training, and department management. A detailed findings report is generated along with recommendations for improvements in processes and efficiencies. Ensuring that you are getting the most out of the collections area is the first step in improving delinquency and charge-offs.
  • On-Site Training:  Agents attend intensive training classes that cover every phase of the collection operation; this includes: FDCPA, PC-based exercises, collection and telephone techniques, financial statements, handling disputes, negotiation, rebuttals/responses, role-playing, and computer system orientation. Emphasis is placed on learning to respect and understand the members’ situations and resolving their accounts.
  • Payment Processing:  Gila Group will customize an in-house payment processing system for the acceptance of ACH and Credit/Debit card transactions. Both Gila Group and financial institution employees will have the ability to process payments over the phone.  Funds received are electronically submitted to you on a daily basis along with a report detailing each transaction.
  • Performance Reporting:  Customized reporting can be built based upon your needs and metrics; the reports can be automated or can be manually pulled through our database.
  • Predictive Dialer Campaigns:  These dialer campaigns are run utilizing a full dialer team. If a live contact is made, the member will be connected directly to an agent to collect on the delinquent account. Weekly dialer reports containing information on number of calls made, contract rates, right-party contract rates, promises to pay, messages left, and bad or disconnected phone numbers will be sent to you for review.
  • Repossessions:  We will work with you to create timelines and standards for the repossession process. Our Special Services Group assigns vehicles for repossession utilizing the services of bonded and licensed repossession companies nationwide, accounts are monitored for repossession, pre and post repossession letters are mailed, and vehicles are transported to auction. Based upon your requirements, we can accept bids and approve sales if floors are put in place.
  • Skip-tracing:  Our in-house skip-tracing department ensures that we have the most current contact information on your members. Because we have control and access to millions of data sources, our skip team is well prepared and successful in locating hard to find members. You can submit the skip accounts to us via manual assignment, or we can utilize the agentless dialer to pinpoint any bad phone numbers.