Campus Based Collections

  • Title IV Perkins Collections
  • Private Loan Collections
  • Tuition Collection Services

Guarantee Agency Services

  • Title IV FFELP Collections – Assisting Guarantee Agencies with Collections services on defaulted loans
  • Pre-Claims Assistance – Assisting Guarantee Agencies with re-establishing payment arrangements on all delinquent loans, Gila will help prevent these delinquent loans from defaulting
  • Post Rehabilitation Monitoring – Gila will monitor all newly established Rehabilitated loans for six months to help ensure the new payment plan that has been established

Skip Trace Services

Gila will utilize its extensive skip trace abilities to help clients locate delinquent or defaulted borrowers.

Cohort Control

Gila will set up Default Prevention Services to help guarantee campuses the lowest possible default rates.

Financial Literacy

Gila will work with each client to help educate borrowers on fiscal management. These programs will include: budgeting, balancing a check book, the dangers of defaulting, using loan calculators to help educate and plan for future loan payments, and the importance of maintaining good credit scores.