Debt Collection Services

Three specific attributes of our success are:

1)      Experience- MSB’s unique niche in the government collections industry provides our clients with the most successful techniques before, during and after the collection process.  We know what works best for you.

2)      Execution- MSB sets itself apart by executing on account resolution.  We never stop working to resolve an account and have documented collection success with our clients.

3)      Ethics- MSB is above reproach and compliant with all collection laws and regulations, with every consumer always treated with courtesy and respect.

MSB always utilizes the necessary software and hardware components and skilled knowledgeable personnel to assure our clients that we are qualified to exceed your expectations. MSB’s digital technology and highly automated systems offer our clients a flexible, innovative solution for their collection needs. We successfully service millions of new accounts each year, including accounts from some of the largest jurisdictions in the nation.

Customized software programs are designed specifically for the collection of government accounts.  MSB tracks broken promises and we work all accounts thoroughly regardless of age, balance amount or location of the consumer.  Predictive dialer technology allows MSB to attempt telephone contact multiple times in a cost-effective, non-intrusive manner.  Additionally, each consumer is contacted periodically for as long as the account is outstanding.  In summary, MSB never gives up on an account, continually searching for new address and telephone information and attempting to bring the account to closure.

MSB is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and business ethics.  We work closely with each consumer providing to help them resolve their obligation with dignity.  Our employees, many of whom are bilingual, speak with each consumer to determine their reason for not paying and work to overcome the objection.  While our collection process is designed to obtain the highest possible rate of return in the shortest possible time frame careful attention is paid to the sensitivity and mutual trust of every client.

An annual audit of MSB is conducted by outside, independent auditors which meets all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  The audit includes reviews of internal controls and other operating procedures.  Current and past audited financial statements have been issued with clean opinions.  MSB adheres to very strict data security standards and contracts with an independent firm to perform SSAE No. 16 audits.