Toll Division Services 

Our GOAL is to simplify the workload performed by authorities to provide increased recovery of tolls with decreased violations; AT LITTLE OR NO COST TO THE AUTHORITY. MSB has been providing services exclusively to the public sector, since 1991.

Customer Service Focused Call Center

MSB can provide a software solution or integrate with your software to provide a cost effective, comprehensive customer service center where thoughtful staff focus on your customer and their needs. MSB’s flexible solution can operate in our existing, full service operation, or work with you to set up a CSC at your location, which includes a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Image Review

MSB provides technology and staff to process images according to your business rules. Accuracy and speed are maximized to identify image based toll or violation stage toll. MSB then integrates with the appropriate motor vehicle department to identify the owner to quickly process the transaction. MSB also integrates with Rental Car Agencies.

Account and Transponder Management

MSB ensures total security of customer accounts and the Authority’s transponder inventory. MSB is SSAE 16 Compliant, PPMS Quality Certified through ACA International, PCI and Red Flag compliant. All MSB employees are fingerprinted and have extensive background checks prior to starting employment.

Payment Processing

MSB offers multiple avenues for customers to replenish their accounts or to pay their tolls and fees over the phone. An automated payment system is available 24/7 online or through an IVR. Our payment processing center is secured by motion censored closed circuit digi-cam with limited swipe access. MSB partners with community retail outlets to provide flexible cash payment options and transponder issuance.

Invoicing and Video Billing

MSB provides invoice and video billing fulfillment as part of our suite of services. Notices can be customized and special letter campaigns can be included to target customers that are delinquent in fulfilling their obligations.

Violation Processing

MSB works with each Authority to set up business rules that provide quick and efficient transaction processing and a flexible environment for customers to resolve violations.

Collection and Court Processing Services

MSB quickly moves violations to collections and begins collection procedures for delinquent customers. This service is timely and results in a much higher level of recovery of your tolls.

Comprehensive Reporting and KPI Development

MSB utilizes custom-built, online reporting tools to provide insight and control of account management at all levels. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive set of KPI and reconciliation programs. MSB’s dedicated Account staff meet with you regularly to ensure
performance standards are met.

Consulting and Best Practices Management

MSB provides consulting services at no charge as part of our comprehensive solution. MSB will provide a detailed analysis and forecast with a list of best practices and recommendations to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce leakage.

Website Management and Marketing

MSB provides website development, hosting and maintenance. Websites are fully
integrated with your current systems. The secure site is customized and co-branded.
Customers can research and update their account, make payments, find useful
information and policies regarding your roads, and upload dispute information.